Events at a Glance

This is our typical calendar year at a glance. Time and dates can change due to weather and accessibility. Check event pages for updates or sign up to get all current info.

We also add Host a ride weekend rides. These vary as club members sets the dates.


March 9th: Chili Ride Hemingway Butte

March30th: Fun Run Rabbit Creek

April 13nd: Blacks Creek Work Weekend

May 18-19: Krassel Work Weekend 

May TBD: Memorial Day Weekend Steamboat Gulch (Needs a Host) 

June TBD: 

June TBD: Lowman Adopt-a-Trail Work Weekend

July: State Ride 17-21  Moody Meadows 

August 3-4: Fairfield work weekend 

August 31-Sept 2nd:  Labor Day Weekend (Meadow Creek)

September TBD: Shingle Flats Work Weekend Council, ID


September 14th: Chicks Ride

October TBD Halloween Kids  Ride  Hemmingway Butte

November TBD: Turkey Ride

December 7th: Annual Christmas Party