Lowman Adopt-A-Trail 2023

DATE: June 24-25th

Annual Les Burnam Memorial TVTMA Lowman Adopt-A-Trail 2023
DATE: Saturday, June 24 & 25th, 2023 at 9:00 AM!
WHAT? This is TVTMA’s annual “Lowman Adopt-a-Trail” clearing and trail maintenance event and campout. For EXACTLY 31 years, TVTMA has (officially) assisted the Lowman Ranger District by clearing (most of) the areas over 100 plus miles of trails of deadfall and debris. Reports I am getting make it sound like the covid knocked down a lot of trees this year. We really need your help! Please plan on helping us! If the deadfall is light, we’ll ride for fun. (It’s all fun). If you and your bike are outfitted to carry a chainsaw, we need your help!! If you can’t carry a saw, that’s ok. We need your help moving cut logs.
WHERE: near Bull Trout Lake, Idaho – watch for signs Friday afternoon, June 26. Many of us will stay and ride through the weekend. Come up for the day if you can.
DIRECTIONS: From Lowman, Idaho, go east, northeast on Highway 21 for about 30.5 miles. Look for a sign “Bull Trout Lake” and turn left/north. Look for TVTMA signs directing you to our camp.
CAMPING: We will be camping. There are restrooms and potable water in the area. RVers and tenters all welcome. MIGHT WANNA BRING YOUR BUG SPRAY!!
RIDES: As you always hear me say, all Idaho trails are Beginner Trails with Expert Sections. This is a ride in the beautiful mountains of Idaho and not a beginner ride/event. You will not have fun if you show up with a motocross bike. Best to bring a bike suited for steep and rocky trails. Trials tyres strongly advised. Also, this is a work event but we will ride for “fun” as soon as the work is complete. (It’s all fun). FOR INSURANCE COVERAGE PURPOSES, THE WORK PARTICIPANT MEETING IS SATURDAY MORNING BETWEEN 8AM and 9AM. ALL WORKERS MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING AND SIGN IN!!! PLEASE. NO EXCEPTIONS.
DINNER: as of right now, the Saturday dinner is on! Please bring a covid-free desert and/or side dish to share. If you wear a mask, make certain it has a hole around your mouth. Also, I’ll put up a chain link fence to keep the mosquitos out.
OTHER ACTIVITIES: Fishing is great in the area lakes: Martin Lake and Bull Trout Lake.
CONTACT: Email Steve Frisbie at sjfrisbie@hotmail.com if you have any questions.
NOTE: This is an RSVP EVENT. Please RSVP to Steve Frisbie at sjfrisbie@hotmail.com WE NEED A HEAD COUNT. THANK YOU!