Host A Ride

Hosting a TVTMA ride 

A member told me he wants to help his son put on a kids ride out at Rabbit’s Creek. But they aren’t sure what they need to do to host a TVTMA ride. Do they need to provide a meal? Does it have to be a campout? They had quite a few questions and misconceptions about how to host a TVTMA ride.

Because we figure there are a lot of members – newer as well as senior members - that have questions about what hosting a ride entails, the TVTMA Board decided to compose a list of common questions, answers and tips for ride hosting.


Who can host a ride? Any adult member of the TVTMA can host a ride. We have had kids plan and host rides too, under the sponsorship and supervision of a parent.

Do I have to provide a meal or refreshments? Nope, no meal or refreshments are required. That is optional, but TVTMA will reimburse 1 meal that is offered up as a club meal for a campout.  Just provide your meal receipt to our treasurer and they can mail out a check, or with some planning and coordination, can be picked up at a general meeting.  

How do I host a ride? A ride can be as simple as a short ride around Hemingway Butte, or it can be a two day campout at Baumgartner with a cookout. Almost any kind of ride you want to put together is fine. The more the merrier! E-mail your ride plans and questions to the TVTMA Ride Coordinator .

TVTMA Ride Coordinator - Mike Ross       phone# 208-841-5364


          Here are some steps to follow for planning and hosting a ride:

  1. Plan your ride – Plan a ride route you’ve ridden before in an area you are familiar with. You should have a ride leader and a ride sweeper. The more people you have helping run the ride, the easier it is on you. All of your ride crew should clearly know the ride plan. Make sure the trails you plan to take will be open and cleared of downfall, if applicable. It’s a real good idea to pre-ride the route a week or two before.
  2. Submit your ride posting – Once you have your plan you can submit it anytime during the year, for any open dates on the ride calendar, by posting to the form on the right on this page and e-mailing the TVTMA Ride Coordinator. Any question give us a shout at

Provide details such as:

•  Are hookups and water available

•  Any limits on camper size

•  Camp rules to be observed, like keeping dogs on a leash or packing out your own trash.

•  If riding is available near camp for kids or not, and any rules regarding riding around camp.

•  What members can\should bring, if anything, to contribute to dinners or socials. 

  1. Executing the ride – Remember the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared”. Be prepared for any contingency. Bring tools, spark plugs, spare tubes, radios, GPS, water filters, first aid kits, fire starter, and any other provision you might need in case of an emergency. These are the things you should bring riding at all times, regardless if you’re hosting a ride or not. Make sure you, and everyone who should have key provisions, have them. This is good information to communicate in your ride posting. Make sure the riders joining you clearly understand the difficulty level of the terrain. I quickly learned that my idea of “Intermediate” skilled terrain is somewhere between an expert rider’s idea and a beginner rider’s idea. It’s all perspective. So if you’re in doubt whether a ride should be labeled as  ”Intermediate” or “Advanced”, error on the side of caution and call it “Advanced”.