Blacks Creek Work Weekend

Blacks Creek Work Weekend

Blacks Creek Work Weekend - May 13th, 2023 9:45 AM
Oh yeah! The mountain-riding season is here and the annual TVTMA Black’s Creek.  Please plan on attending! We need a good 40+ people willing and able to perform easy to moderately brisk work out on the trails.

Load up and join us. Food will be served Saturday night. You can camp overnight to follow up Sunday.

The plan is to meet and camp about a ¼ mile east of the Bender Creek Trailhead, Saturday and Sunday mornings, 9:45am. We will be under contract with the Forest Service again. Most hand tools will be provided but if you can, please bring a shovel, hand saw, hoe, or similar tool. If you can carry a chain saw, great. A few chains saws are always nice to have.

Please dress accordingly (for work and riding to the site). If you are able to carry a trail tool such as a Shovel, Pulaski, or McCloud, on your bike, even better. The FS is unable to access some trails so WE WILL need to be able to carry tools.

Please bring a digital camera! Or a cell phone with a camera!! We need before and after photos!!

The weather is supposed to be perfect!  You will likely need to ride your bike to work sites on the trail system so please do bring your bike and riding gear.

All skill levels welcome! Oh yeah, do not forget, we have a fully-catered seven course dinner for all work participants about 4 or 5pm Saturday afternoon. If you work, you can eat! We could use some volunteers for food serving and cleanup too. It is not difficult. All that is needed is a bit of your time.

Thank you and I hope to see you all at Blacks Creek on Saturday and Sunday.