Collection: State Ride Registration & Apparel

State Ride Online registration is over. Anyone can register at event. Please come you are welcome.

The items on this page are still available and will be shipped directly to you.

If you would like to purchase Bike Raffle Tickets you can visit Carl's Cycle Sales and purchase in person. This will end Wednesday evening.

State Ride Registration & Apparel
  • Seat Concepts

    Everyone needs a Seat Concept!

  • Intermountain Gas Co.

    Three Burner Stainless Grill!

  • Dennis Dillon

    Thor Helmet

  • Dennis Dillon

    100% Gloves

  • Dennis Dillon

    Yamaha Racing Hoodie

  • Dennis Dillon

    EVS Gear Bag

  • Dennis Dillon

    AR1 Boots