Fairfield Ranger District Work weekend

When:  Aug 3-4th


****Update Edit***

The work has been done last year by the Fairfield trail Rangers a youth conservation group on all 3 trails.  We are now going to provide our assistance at Willow Creek drainage just off NFS road 227  

****the below we are no longer doing******

Fairfeild Ranger District has asked for assistance in trail maintenance on Big Smoky Creek,  Calf Creek, and High Creek Trail systems.  With the work that needs done, this possibly could turn into a multiple work weekend.  Some people will probably head up mid week to secure a camping space for a decent amount of campers.  As always the club will provide a Saturday evening meal and possibly a  Saturday or Sunday breakfast

Big Smokey Trail is a intermediate to advanced trail system  

Calf Creek Trail was what was a kids loop, condition of it now is unknown.  

High Creek  trail skill level is unknown at this time