Cow Tag

This year we are adding an additional challenge.

The goal of the ride is to collect Cow Tags. Each Cow Tag will be worth a set amount of extra raffle tickets.

Cow Tags are hidden at various locations in the riding area. The more distant and difficult the better the more tickets there worth. The general locations will be shown on the provided Trail Map.

You must take a picture of yourself with each cow tag and present it to registration to redeem your tickets.

Raffle winners will be chosen during dinner.

The ride should be enjoyable for everyone and good sportsmanship is expected from participants. Please do not participate in or encourage cheating to accumulate more raffle tickets than you fairly earned. This goes against the spirit and purpose of the Cow Tag and is not fair to those who are honest, and it discourages sponsors from participating in the future. Ride hard and play fair. Those found to be cheating will be disqualified from participating in the raffle.

Here is a preview of this years cow tags:

Cow Tag Preview #1