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Oh Ladies!!!

  • 20 Sep 2012
  • Grandjean, Idaho

Oh Ladies!!! 

Debbie and Shannon are back on the ladies dirt bike weekend bandwagon.  Here are the details.

Who is invited: If you are a female over the age of 18 with an up-to-date 2012 TVTMA membership you are INVITED!

When: Thursday night, September 20th through Sunday September 23rd.  (You are welcome to come up on Friday, if you don’t want to take a day off work.)

Where: Grandjean of course! The heated swimming pool makes that a no brainer J.

Why:  Cuz girls just wanna have fun!  There is riding available for all levels:  logging roads for beginners and technical single track for those who desire a bit more.

How: Easy- just grab a group of pals, organize a trailer, get online and book your spot at http://www.sawtoothlodge.com/ , and plan to have a great time. 

Organization of rides- This year we will be doing more of the freelance style. You can come and go in groups as you like, but we will have a mandatory happy hour on Saturday night.  In previous years, the campfire and pool have been the highlights. We all sit around tell stories, laugh a lot and just enjoy each others company.

RSVP to ms_boysey1@yahoo.com.  I can also help coordinate people and trailers if needed. 

Hats/Shirts- If there is a talented lady out there who can take this on, we would be ever grateful!



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