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Pulled Pork Extraveganza

  • 12 Aug 2011
  • 14 Aug 2011
  • Baumgartner

Baumgartner Ride

What: Come up and do some riding in one of the premier riding locations in the United States.  There are literally hundreds of miles of trails in the Baumgartner Campground vicinity.  Included in the trail inventory are ATV trails, beginner rides, lots of intermediate trails and super-technical stuff only the Weavers ride.  The point of this ride is that there is no point!  Its just about getting together, camping and riding [and eating too]!  Dinner -- Dinner will be served on Saturday evening.  We will be serving Pulled Pork Sandwiches [or just heaping piles of shredded pig for you carb watchers].  Please bring up a side and/or a desert to share if you can.

When:  August 12 - August 14.  I plan on arriving Thursday afternoon to get a choice spot.

Where:  Baumgartner Campground -- east of Featherville, Idaho.  Take I-84 east.  Take Exit 95 and go north on US 20.  After 31 miles turn left on Louse Creek Road [google also has it as "Fh61"].  Louse Creek Road takes you towards Anderson Res., Pine and Featherville.  Take this down to the lake and you will follow the bank, across the river and arrive in scenic Pine.  Turn right and continue North towards Featherville.  Just past Featherville you will bear right and take S. Boise River Road.  You'll know you are on the right track because the S. Boise River Road parallels the S. Fork of the Boise.  Go about 8 miles and look for the TVTMA signs -- we will be off the road to the right.

Riding:  There will be an informal riders meeting around the campfire Friday evening.  The goal here is to get everyone grouped up for riding.  If you are looking to take it easy, we can put you in touch with folks looking to do the same.  If you are looking to do something a bit more advanced, I will put you in touch with the folks doing that as well.  There is riding for everyone and we will do our best to make sure everyone gets to experience some of this area's prime riding.

Other activities:  For those of you not fully committed to dirt biking, the S. Fork of the Boise River is right near camp.  I'm not a fisherman, but I would think if there is water there is nothing stopping you from catching [and eating] some delicious fish [I like mine like they cook at Skipper's].  There is also a totally excellent hot pool about a mile from where we will camp.  Its fantastic for the kids to play in and for the adults to soothe aching muscles from too much physical activity.  If you are feeling daring, you can hop in the car and enjoy a cocktail at the bar in Featherville while discussing the merits of gun control legislation.  Or you can just be lame like me and sit around and digest a fine meal.

Info:  If you have any questions, please feel free to call ride host Dave Lorello at 631-8327 or email at dave@lorellolaw.com.  See you there!!!!

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