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Cascade Mountains Ride - Dave Lorello

  • 12 Aug 2010
  • 15 Aug 2010
  • Cascade Mountains - Central Washington
Cascade Mountains

Date:  Tuesday, August 10, 2010 – Sunday, August 15, 2010.  I would imagine most people will arrive Thursday or Friday, but come as early as you like.

What?  Riding in the Central Cascades of Washington State.  This area is known as the Little Naches and we will be riding there and connecting to the Taneum region of trails.  These areas have hundreds of miles of maintained and signed trails of all ability levels.  The vast majority of the trails are intermediate with a sprinkling of the gnarly for those so inclined.  There is also a healthy dose of easy stuff for those who just want to cruise.  This is particularly nice for kids.  FYI – the trails we are on will all be single track, motorcycle only trails.  Easy trails are not just two track or roads – they are single track trails that are just easier to ride.

Where:  We will be camping at Long Meadow in the Little Naches.  This camping area is located about 45 minutes Northwest of Yakima, Wa.  Total driving time from Boise is about 6 ½ hours.  Paved road the entire way.  Interstate for 5 ½ hours to Yakima and then state highway the rest of the way.

Directions:  I have written directions and maps attached here: [Link to Directions].  If you have any questions, please email me.  The local sheriff is known to take down directional signs, so don’t count on seeing any.  I will put up some to try and guide you in, but I made the maps pretty detailed so you can just use them.  I also have some pink ribbon left over from the fun run that I’ll throw up to assist. [maybe the sheriff will leave the ribbon alone].

Camping:  Camping at Long Meadow is primitive.  There are vault toilets in camp and water in the area.  There is plenty of room for your RVs and Tents.

Rides:  I plan on riding 60 or so miles Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  These rides will be intermediate in nature and, depending on the group and how adventurous everyone is feeling, we can add in some more challenging trails.  I will also have trail maps of the region so you can put together your own rides if you’d like.  As I mentioned, the trails are all marked and signed – so if you can read a map – you should be able to get around.

Dinner:  Saturday night we will be serving pulled pork for all brave enough to make the trip.  PLEASE BRING A DESERT/SIDE SALAD TYPE ITEM OR BOTH!.

Contact:  Please contact Dave Lorello at: dave.lorello@gmail.com if you have any questions about anything associated with the ride.

Additional Notes:

o   Equipment – Spark arrestors and off-road stickers are required.  If you can ride in Idaho forests, you can ride in the Little Naches.

o   Road riding  The local sheriff has been know to be less than sympathetic for dirt bikes and atvs that are on the road that are not FULLY STREET LEGAL.  Do not ride on the road unless you are street legal [lights, horn, mirrors – the works] or are prepared for a ticket.  Most trails and rides [mine included] will have almost zero roads involved.

o   ATV – For those of you who have them [and you know who you are], there is a trailhead about a mile from camp that accesses a network of ATV and jeep trails.  So if you are feeling adventurous, you can go quite a ways.  These Jeep trails are nationally known and feature some rock crawling type stuff.

o   Camp riding – Long Meadow has plenty of learner type trails for the kids to play around on without riding through the middle of camp.  The local ranger asks that the speed be kept down and that you stay out of the grassy, meadow type areas.

o   Fee.  The USFS charges $5.00 per night to camp at Long Meadow.  FYI – according to the Ranger, the $5.00 pays for the trash service, toilets and trail maintenance.  The majority of the funds raised by the fee is to pay for trail maintenance.  The fee is new this year.

o   Elevation – Elevation is 3000’ to about 6000’.





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